Top strategies of winning blackjack more consistently

To be able to win blackjack more consistently, it is very important to play the game at a higher level. This is mostly because blackjack is a game that requires intense levels of strategies to play perfectly. However, rather than trying to learn playing strategies based on mathematical concepts which can be dull and quite boring, the best way is to learn a set of basic general concepts and tips that will enable you play well most of the time and in any given situation. This will also enable you play better without making huge mistakes in your game. If you are a recreational blackjack player, you are in a better position because this will enable you to understand those concepts and tips of being excellent at playing blackjack.

When playing online blackjack as a recreational player, the most important tip or concept to learn is what makes a stronger and weaker dealer card. Weaker cards are those below number six (six is also a weaker card). If for example you are playing a hard total of 12 and the dealer’s hand shows the number 6 or any number below 6, the best way is to be conservative. This is because whether you hit or bust, it can be a disaster for you if the dealer also busts. The advantage is that you can also be aggressive and double your soft hands in case these cards are shown.

A with the strong cards (7, 8 and 9); you must be very careful in this case especially on what will happen based on your strategy. One reason for this is that stronger cards from the dealer are not likely to bust. Rather, the cards have a higher chance of making stronger totals. With this in mind, your strategy in this case when playing blackjack online is to be aggressive. In other words, you must be aggressive with your hitting in order to compete with the dealer. click here to get more information Silversands Casino.