Summoners War Strategy Guide

Maybe you have just started out in Summoners War? This straightforward guide is for you personally for those who have. If you would like to give in sharing guides/suggestions or don’t consider yourself a beginner any longer, you can do so in our summoners war hack Guide section. In addition, in case you believe that I Have missed out anything, feel free to send a PM to me and I’ll happily add it in. As a beginner, you will most likely be wondering, that which you must do. Here are several general things you need to do or not do to save you effort and time later on in the game.

Firstly, collecting all those lead crystal is significant, particularly when you are a free player. It provides you with the opportunity to reinforce your party early on in the game and all adds up. Lead crystals may be acquired via the weekly arena compensation in addition to assignments, accomplishments, leveling up, dungeons, regular maps, daily quests, arena competitions. Be sure to do the day-to-day quest plus the competitors. Pals!
Add buddies. Look through our Add Me Requests thread and add as many as you can ASAP. This can make sure you get social points which can be utilized to summon 1*-3* creatures in the cost of 100 points per summon. Please don’t spam the stations! Pals will even help you clear maps which you can not clear. Use your buddies’ creatures just as much as you want to!
Throughout the standard maps, you’ll be getting runes as benefits. These runes play an important role in powering your creatures up. Nevertheless, as a beginner, you shouldn’t focus on powering up low grade runes (1*-2*). Instead, simply get up them to 3 each and make certain you keep these things in sets of 4 2 or 2 2 2. In addition, tend not to replicate maps that are standard for runes should you currently have enough to get the bonus that is set. You are going to quite rapidly be replacing all the runes with summoners war hack much later in the game.