Should you be dependent only on Kelly Blue Book Prices?

Kelly blue book is a famous rating and evaluation organization in automotive industry. With its prices being accepted and followed by market people all around the popularity has increased over a period of time. The prices that it provides are for both used and fresh car. You can get the prices which are a real time feed of price with an algorithmic analysis done on the same. These prices are the closest which you will receive and can do your purchase and sell accordingly in these prices. The valuation price of used car can be used for purchase and sell both. However the question always that is there comes ‘Should you be dependent only on Kelly Blue Book Prices’.
Kelly Blue Book Market Price Comparison
The prices provided by KBB are the combination of many factor among which is the customer review as well. Customer Review is a factor which can change and can be not accurate. Suppose a customer is selling his car, he will never price and rate his car in a negative feedback scenario. This biased judgment will also reflect in car rating and reviews. Similarly the algorithmic approach that Kelly Blue Book use can be the best available one but in some scenario can show a lag in price as well.
There are other companies as well which provides the prices of the car and used car. Some of them are Edmunds, NADA etc. All these have their own algorithms and analysis parameters. You can use them as well for getting the price for the car you are planning to buy and sell. However the price of KBB is very close to market and every dealer and consumer out there will rely first on those only.