Sachs performance Clutch is the first choice of sport players

Sachs is the largest manufacturer of automotive parts in Germany. It produces the Sachs Koppeling for commercial, sports, and personal vehicles. It is one of the best automotive parts production company. It provides the high quality performance clutch kits for international racing vehicles like World Rally Championship, World Touring Car Championship, etc. It’s a phenomenal component for athletes in sports. Clutches are a helpful mechanical device that engages and disengages the power transmission. The main purpose of clutches is to connect and disconnect two rolling shafts and controlling the gears smoothly.
Sachs Koppeling material
Sachs clutch is manufactured with different types of materials. Usually, they use compound, anorganic resin including copper wire facing or ceramic materials. Ceramic materials are mostly used in heavy applications like racing and heavy vehicles. Composite paper materials are used in various wet clutches. Mostly Sachs kits are specialized with OEM specifications. They required grease for fitting and problem free operations and all other essential components.
Specifications of Sachs clutch
Clutches are designed in different ways depending on the number of driven disk. Usually, automotive Sachs clutches are manufactured in a single plate, twin plate or multi plate types. It works because of the friction between the clutch plate and a flywheel. Clutches help engage spin engine to non-spine transmission without any slippage between them. There are different types of clutches available. The friction clutches are placed between an engine and driven load. Spring type clutches are placed between a pressure plate and the cover that exert on the pressure plate and bring clutch in engaging condition. Hydraulic clutches are the transmitting torque clutches. Sachs offers the whole kit for customers.
High durability and extremely high temperature materials are used in Sachs embraiagem. Sachs manufactured automotive parts with high quality materials to the safety and full comfort.